Vonage “Puppy Bundle…”

– – It’s like a scene from The Twilight Zone; two incredibly wholesome-looking people come knocking at the door of their new neighbors to welcome them to the neighborhood.  She looks like a Stepford Wife, and he looks like Enzyte Bob, or perhaps Rick Santorum…they ask the newcomers if they are ready for their new “bundle,” namely a service package for phone, TV cable, and internet; their smiles are so radiant as to be scary.  The twosome hold forth a bundled group of objects representing these services, and this grouping also includes a puppy, with the woman at the door holding out an adorable Golden Retriever puppy.  The commercial’s message is, “Don’t get bundled, get Vonage!”

The commercial has already drawn the ire of some Golden Retriever fanciers, who point out that the proper way to hold a puppy is not by its rib cage, dangling it in mid-air…

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7 Comments on “Vonage “Puppy Bundle…””

  1. carycomic Says:

    They were trying to use the Dog-side of the Force.


  2. They should not have held the puppy that way. It is very hard on them and you can easily drop the pup. They should have held it correctly. Shame on whoever let that happen. I thought there were people on set when animals were used to make sure the animal was safe. If that person was there, they need re-training on the proper way to hold a puppy.


  3. Cheri Snyder Says:

    That is MY puppy. We bought her the day after the commercial was shot. Need not worry, puppy was not hurt in the making of the commercial. It has not stopped her ability to dehead barbies and chase chickens, balls and crickets or jump into the bathtub 🙂


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