Fluzone TV Spot: The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing…

In a Sandofi commercial for Fluzone, the disease is personified as a ravenous wolf stalking people in various settings with ill intent. The notion of “the wolf at the door” is historically a longstanding one often used to represent all kinds of hardships and deprivation, from war to famine to disease.

The attempted predations of the realistic and sizeable wolf depicted here are repeatedly frustrated in this commercial by the simple fact that his intended victims have been immunized. Eventually he becomes a wolf on the run, rendered impotent by the simple fact that the people he surveys and passes have been protected…

And so we finally see our wolf retreating to the extent that he’s looking out the rear window of a bus. I don’t know what fare he was charged, but think that being immunized is a good idea lest you be visited and victimized by the flu wolf…

I’ve had my vaccine this year…have you?

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6 Comments on “Fluzone TV Spot: The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    There’s also a new commercial where a CGI wolf (who’s about to crash some kind of private party being celebrated by Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother) is instantly turned into an overgrown puppy by the squeezing of some squeaky toy! Which is why I’m uncertain if this is a Halloween-themed commercial; an early Xmas commercial; or a transitional hybrid of the two.

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    • carycomic Says:

      Speaking of Halloween; this has been an annual tradition of sorts for me. Previously posted to the message boards of IMDB…up until they were stolen by trolls. Never to be seen again!

      So, here it is (updated with regard to various sequels): THE HIGHLY UNOFFICIAL HALLOWEEN CHRONOLOGY

      1957: Michael Aubrey Myers is born in Haddonfield, Illinois, on October 19 of this year.

      1961: His younger sister Laurie is born.
      1963: On the night of Oct. 31, six year-old Michael brutally stabs his older sister Judith to death! He is committed to Smith’s Grove Sanitorium till he is old enough to stand trial.

      1965: Following the deaths of her birth-parents in a car crash, young Laurie is adopted by a couple named Strode. With her true heritage being sealed by court order!

      1978: Occurrence of the events depicted in both HALLOWEEN & HALLOWEEN II.

      [Note: Mr. and Mrs. Strode are apparently killed, off-camera.]

      1979: Following her eighteenth birthday, Laurie marries paramedic Jimmy Lloyd. Their daughter Jamie is born nine months later.

      1981: Jamie’s younger brother John is born…and named for Laurie’s adoptive uncle.

      1982: Occurrence of the events depicted in HALLOWEEN III: Season of the Witch.

      [Note: several trick-or-treaters, wearing defective Silver Shamrock masks, apparently suffocate to death on the Lloyds’ front doorstep. Permanently solidifying Laurie’s obsessive fear of the holiday!]

      1987: While driving home from church on Sunday morning (Nov. 1), Laurie and Jimmy argue over his having taken the children trick-or-treating, the night before, against her wishes. This distracts them from noticing an oncoming car till it is too late to avoid swerving off the road! Laurie and John are thrown clear, but knocked out. When Laurie revives, she sees the car in flames and assumes that Jimmy and Jamie were burnt to death. Her paranoia now seemingly justified, she lets the police think the same thing about herself and John. By the time she learns the truth, it is too late. Jamie, thrown clear in the opposite direction, is now a foster child of the Carruthers family.

      [Note: John will later be told that his father ran out on them.]

      1988: Occurrence of the events depicted in HALLOWEEN 4.

      1989: Occurrence of the events depicted in HALLOWEEN 5.

      1990: Laurie’s adoptive cousin, Kara Strode, returns to Haddonfield and moves back in with her estranged parents. Revealing to them, in the process, that she is the unwed mother of a one year-old son named Danny!

      1992: Jamie Lloyd, captured a secret society of high-tech occultists, is given the first in a series of hormone injections following her first period. These injections will accelerate her sexual maturation.

      1993: Laurie is now a teacher at a private boarding school in northern California. With she and her son residing on campus under the assumed names “Keri and John Tate.”

      1994: Jamie Lloyd now resembles an eighteen year-old, even though she is chronologically only age fourteen. So she is next artificially inseminated with sperm…from her own Uncle Michael!

      1995: Occurrence of the events depicted in HALLOWEEN 6.

      1997: Dr. Samuel Loomis (a bed-ridden paralytic due to a stroke suffered two years earlier) dies peacefully in his sleep.

      1998: Occurrence of the events depicted in HALLOWEEN: 20 YEARS LATER.

      2001: Laurie’s obsessive guilt over accidentally killing a paramedic with a crushed larynx (while he was wearing a duplicate of Michael Myers’ mask) compels her commitment to a mental hospital. It is there that Michael will finally win their decades-long duel. Or does he?

      2002: Occurrence of the events depicted in HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION.

      2003: The ensuing wrongful death suits against Dangertainment owner Freddie Harris inspires heavy-metal rock star Rob Zombie to produce and direct what will become the first of two graphically violent film adaptations inspired by the original Haddonfield killing spree twenty-five years earlier. Although, semi-fictionally updated to the modern day!

      2007: While dining out and watching news coverage about the Hollywood premier of “Rob Zombie’s Halloween,” the Tommy Doyle family is approached by a man who identifies himself as John Robert Smith. A semi-professional psychic who has just had a vision that Laurie Strode is not dead. But, rather in a medically induced coma while undergoing experimental gene therapy for the severe injuries she received, six years earlier!

      2008: On the 30th anniversary of Michael’s killing spree, Laurie is brought out of her coma. Tearfully reuniting with Kara…and meeting her grandnephew Steven.

      2009: Publicity surrounding the Hollywood premier of “Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2” reopens many emotional wounds for Laurie. So she begins attending a grief-counseling group…as “Keri Tate” (next-of-kin to a “suicide victim”). There, Laurie meets a widower with a ten year-old daughter. They begin seeing other socially. Meanwhile, Johnny Smith has told Tommy Doyle that the Cult of Thorn is still after him and his family! So the two men decide to exchange identities. With Johnny Smith “moving back” to Haddonfield as a “surgically altered” Tommy Doyle.

      2010: True-crime podcasters Aaron Korey and Dana Haines uncover the fact that Laurie is still alive…and remarried under her old pseudonym. Prompting her newlywed second husband to file for a divorce. But, while driving home to serve her with the papers, personally, he dies in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. Convinced that history is repeating itself because she is still cursed, she begins following the example of cinematic heroine Sarah Connor. Training herself in both armed and unarmed combat!

      2011: Laurie becomes so obsessed with survivalism that she loses custody of her stepdaughter Karen. With Karen ultimately repeating Laurie’s mistakes (i.e., becoming a “child” bride and mother).

      2018: Occurrence of the events depicted in HALLOWEEN 9.

      2022: Occurrence of the events depicted in HALLOWEEN ENDS.

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      • vulpesffb Says:

        Egads man, you certainly know your HALLOWEEN lore! And I think that this was your longest comment ever (not a bad thing)!🎃

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        • carycomic Says:

          Well, I’m the first to admit that much of it is extrapolation based on snippets of expository dialogue. And a good deal of that extrapolation is semi-facetious in that I’m making in-joke references. Specifically; Anthony Michael Hall, who played the full-grown-but-ill-fated Tommy Doyle* in HALLOWEEN 9, also played Stephen King’s Johnny Smith in DEAD ZONE THE SERIES (USA Network 2002-07). While both Jamie Lee Curtis and Linda Hamilton have had the underrated good fortune to co-star with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

          I’m also the first to admit that while my glorified speculation answers a lot of questions, it also raises interesting new ones. For example; why was Sarah Moyer (in H-R) having semi-precognitive nightmares about Michael even before her recruitment for the Dangertainment contest was finalized? Could she be a biological relative of Laurie Strode from a branch of the Myers family that moved away from Haddonfield, post-1963, and legally changed their surname in an attempt to permanently dissociate themselves from the tragic scandal? Or could Sarah simply be a reincarnation of Judith Myers?

          More importantly; why was the ill-fated paramedic in H20 standing there so calmly while Laurie was threatening him with decapitation? If he really did have a crushed larynx, why wasn’t he instinctively clutching at his throat, in pain, with one hand while frantically pointing at the mask with the other? Has Michael now gained the power to astral project himself, temporarily, into other people’s bodies?

          Only time –and future (hopefully non-revisionist) sequels–will tell.

          *I thought Paul Rudd did a much better job back in ’95.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      I gotta see this one!

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