“The Munsters;” Brittle Bones?

With October and spooky season here, it’s great to get into a Halloween-related post or two. I have to admit, however, that I was never a great fan of the 1960’s TV sitcom The Munsters, far preferring The Addams Family, which not only survived but thrived in its transition to movies, and brought us Wednesday Addams as a breakout character.

Now Rob Zombie absolutely loved The Munsters, and his film is a labor of love to them, described as a prequel that brings the characters of Herman and Lily together. Herman, a Frankenstein monster clone, is sewn together from body parts that include those of a bad comedian. Lily, a vampire, becomes romantically involved with the big guy much to the dismay of her vampiric father. This all becomes tiresome rather quickly, and the film is criticized as being overly-long and thin on plot.

Endeavoring to make a family-friendly horror movie is a difficult mission, and it tends to ultimately become more irksome than successful. The genres are not readily compatible, and the bright colors used in much of the film are hardly gothic. Filmmaker Rob Zombie is best known for far gorier cinematic fare, and he is rather out of his element here, even if he does love The Munsters. The characters here are all fish out of water, masquerading as everyday citizens whereas they are in reality stock-monster types. This plays better as a brief TV sitcom than it does as an extended movie where it gets wearisome.

From a furry perspective, I do like Lilly’s brother, Lester the Werewolf, portrayed here as an entrepreneurial werewolf who confidently makes really bad business decisions. Lester’s recessive genes are why Eddie Munster is a werewolf rather than a vampire or Frankenstein clone…

At any rate, diehard loyalists may find The Munsters a treat, whereas to many of us the movie is a pointless ordeal. Sometimes, dead television should be allowed to rest in peace…

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3 Comments on ““The Munsters;” Brittle Bones?”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I absolutely loved the original series, as well as the 1966 feature film, the 1973 Saturday morning animated cartoon sequel on ABC, and the 1981 TV reunion movie that was done by NBC. As for prequel origins? The 1995 Fox TV-movie wasn’t bad. It gave an uncomplicated explanation for how and why the family moved to L.A. in the first place. The late, great Edward Herrmann (LOST BOYS, GILMORE GIRLS) in particular was pretty good at playing Herman Munster. And there was even an uncredited cameo by Pat Priest, Al Lewis, Yvonne DeCarlo and Butch Patrick (as customers at a restaurant)!

    The attempted update series starring John Schuck and Lee Meriwether left me feeling lukewarm, however.

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