“Lucky Larry’s Landscaping” Progressive Commercial

I haven’t seen animal choreography this featured since Michael Jackson’s Halloween animated special (below). Catch that gem if you possibly can, especially the animal dance sequence performed to Jackson’s Dangerous. But I digress…

In Progressive Insurance’s commercial Timber, we are introduced to landscaper Lucky Larry, whose job is going so well that he sings to us about it emerging from his truck:

“Oh, the sun keeps shining and the grass is green, I’m way ahead of schedule with my trusty team!” 🎶

“There’s Heather on the hedges,” (complete with hedgehogs snipping) “and Kenny on the koi,” (one of which leaps up to kiss said worker), and we’re ready for an idyllic Disney-esque song and dance number on stairs with anthropomorphic raccoons, bunnies, and squirrels when the mood is shattered by the new guy worker accidentally dropping a tree on the work truck! 🙀

Fortunately, Progressive Insurance can have your small business covered for such calamities, even if Lucky Larry isn’t true to his name… ☘️

So let the dance continue, even if there aren’t foxes included in this number. I’ve gotta get me a better agent, that’s all… 🦊

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7 Comments on ““Lucky Larry’s Landscaping” Progressive Commercial”

  1. carycomic Says:

    All the dancing foxes were probably auditioning for the part of Gov. Diane Foxington in “The Bad Guys” (now showing in a theater near you).

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  2. vulpesffb Says:

    Strange, so strange! I made this post in late April, at which time no one save Cary paid any attention to it. I mean, the silence was deafening! I shrugged and moved on, although I loved the commercial with the strong animal presence and choreography.

    Weeks later, this is my most read post! Go figure…or am I just slightly ahead of the curve here? 😸

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    • carycomic Says:

      Operation X appears to be teaching English as a second language. That is; if I read and interpreted their on-line description, correctly.

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  3. The song in this ad is so reminiscent of the songs in the famous Lawrence Welk skits on SNL.

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