National Animal Crackers Day…

I would probably be remiss if I did not mention that April 18th is National Animal Crackers Day. It’s probably not appropriate to refer to those of us of the furry persuasion as animal crackers, although being crackers has helped me retain at least some of my sanity…

Now Animal Crackers were first produced in England beginning in the mid-1800’s, and were imported into the United States until domestic production began in Pennsylvania by Stauffer’s Biscuit Company in 1871. Animal Crackers are technically not cookies but crackers, the dough being different.

In 1902, Animal Crackers began marketing as Barnum’s Animals, packaged in the little circus wagon boxes that most of us are familiar with. They originally sold for five cents a box, and were sold with a string cord handle so they could be carried, or hung on Xmas trees as ornaments!

Beginning in 1948, the product began being sold as Barnum’s Animal Crackers, and the rest is history. When I think of Animal Crackers, I’m inclined to think of the classic Marx Brothers movie by the same name…

And would someone puh-leese stop Shirley Temple from singing in my head now about Animal Crackers in her soup from the 1935 movie, Curly Top? – – Aieee, Cuteness overload!!!

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4 Comments on “National Animal Crackers Day…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Evidently, they no longer mass market Animal Crackers (at least, not in my neck of the woods) as it has become politically incorrect to even just _illustrate_ caged animals on small cardboard boxes!

    Talk about “much a-dough” about nothing. 😉

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      Shouts, “Free the Animal Crackers 22!” You get 22 in a box, you see… 😺

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      • carycomic Says:

        LOL! Good one! 🙂

        Btw: I finally saw the Masked Singer episode that revealed which character was Rudy Giuliani. The guy was dressed as a rooster in a jack-in-the-box! And if he honestly believes that what he did can be called singing…well, let’s put it this way.

        Where’s a rabid fox when you need one?


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