Truist Financial Commercial, “Care…”

Plushies (stuffed animals) individually are cute, cuddly, and innately comforting. An enormous ball of stuffed animals of diverse species rolling at you like an oversized tumbleweed might be a bit…disconcerting! There’s something unnatural going on here...

But you needn’t worry. This isn’t The Blob of vintage science fiction fame, but rather a helpful heap of plushies. Rolling about in a strange collective, they do things like return errant objects, hold elevator doors open, stop shopping carts from banging into cars in a parking lot, and roll replacement tires along to stranded motorists. They even extend a flower to a seated woman and her child! In the motorist scenario, the paw of one of the stuffed animals may even be seen extending to give the new tire a final push. I wouldn’t know whether to be grateful or alarmed, perhaps both…I tend to be a bit suspicious of reality violations…

Truist Financial says that because it values care, it considers itself a different kind of bank. A rolling ball of helpful plushies would certainly be different, I suppose, and make for an interesting police report. I hope that the ball of stuffed animals doesn’t get rained on…

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2 Comments on “Truist Financial Commercial, “Care…””

  1. carycomic Says:

    I would never get used to such a thing. It would remind me too much of the giant man-beating furball from CRITTERS 2.*

    *A made-for-video sequel to the 1980’s s-f/horror cult classic CRITTERS.

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      I think that the success of “Gremlins” in the 1980’s spawned “Critters,” “Ghoulies,” and probably other films as well as their sequels. More was not necessarily better! 😱

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