Chantix Turkey Commercial, “Snow Turkey”

The Chantix Turkey is at it again in his Eddie Bauer-type winter finery, engaging in a genial snowball fight with another turkey that appears to be a juvenile and in some sources is referred to as being his child!  I never thought of this turkey as having a mate; he seems too happy and care-free for that, but I’m not programmed with the dynamics of turkey-bonding, and prefer not to go there.  The presence of another turkey and perhaps turkey-unions also expands the notion of a universe inhabited by turkeys, as was glimpsed in a previous commercial that showed a journey by our hero into a city where he interacted with other turkeys.  Perhaps this turkey race refer to their planet as “Butterball” or even more darkly as “Fowl World,” but that’s pure speculation…

At any rate, following a brief snowball battle conducted from snow forts, the turkey selects a wingful of split logs from a neatly-stacked pile, and moves inside with them through his tidy garage.  The wood is to fuel a nice fire going in the turkey’s fireplace, and the turkey even selects a good book from his shelf to aid his cozy repose before those comforting flames.  Before settling down in his comfy chair, the turkey even performs one of his trademark heel clicks to celebrate his liberation from the cigarette habit through Chantix, for the only thing smoking in his home will now be the fire…

Perhaps one of the contestants on The Masked Singer will someday be costumed as a turkey, and give us a smokin’ performance of Turkey in the Straw, or something similar…and I look forward to more glimpses of how evolution has run a strange course on this Planet of the Birds, perhaps one of the supposedly many parallel universes existing alongside our own…


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2 Comments on “Chantix Turkey Commercial, “Snow Turkey””

  1. carycomic Says:

    I fondly remember a MAD MAGAZINE send-up of the original POTA from 1968.* It had some hilarious conjectural strips concerning other extra-terrestrial bodies with dominant races of other anthropomorphic animals. My favorite was “Planet Of The Horses.”

    HESTON LOOK-ALIKE: “We’re members of the human race!”

    EQUINE CORNELIUS: “That’s where we’re taking you.”

    [Panel featuring starting gate full of bipedal equines as jockeys on man-back]

    *As opposed to their 1975 send-up of the one-season TV spin-off featuring Ron Harper, James Naughton, and Roddy McDowell.

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