Progressive Agents of the Corn…

Fans of Stephen King will get this commercial (The Corning) about Progressive Insurance agents emerging from a cornfield and chanting in a monotone to Charlie the farmer that he is covered for an automotive mishap and saving money because he bundled his home and auto insurance together…

…it’s suitably creepy and surreal.  Led by iconic Flo, half a dozen Progressive agents, identically clad in their immaculate white uniforms, issue forth from the dense cornfield and begin their eerie slow chant while standing in near formation.  “We’re all here for you, all day, all night,” they intone. “Get in the house, Sarah!,” urges Charlie to his wife, wisely following her inside. Their intonation over, Flo congratulates her team for calming a customer by speaking slowly and clearly.  

The best is saved for last when you hear lovable loser Jamie ask the other members of his team if they heard “weird voices” while in the corn.  They all deny it, to which Jamie responds, “Me neither.” Listen carefully, and you’ll then hear a faint, otherworldly voice whisper Jamie’s name, presumably from out of the cornfield…Haunting!


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3 Comments on “Progressive Agents of the Corn…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I employ a similar whisper when replying “NO!” to the guy in the car who wonders if he still has time to learn how to skateboard.


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    • vulpesffb Says:

      A guy’s gotta have his dreams! I wonder if “He who walks between the rows” selected Jamie as a victim, knowing that Flo was far too formidable a target…

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      • carycomic Says:

        Could be! Or maybe He/She/It was just too scared of Darth Vader’s alter-ego from FIELD OF DREAMS.

        “If you interfere with Jamie, I will come. And you will find my lack of restraint…disturbing.”

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