Inflatable Car Foxes…

I’m seeing him more places; large, inflated Car Foxes, that is! When I beheld my first one of them, I fought an urge to pull my car over, throw myself at his feet, and vow my everlasting love and allegiance. But no, people wouldn’t understand, there would be the court-mandated psychiatric evaluations, and the pushy car salesmen would just try to sell me a Ford or Buick. So for the present I worship from afar, knowing that the great and terrible day of the revolution is almost at hand, and that the vision of those far-seeing eyes and kindly smile may be relied on.  The Car Fox wouldn’t steer me wrong…

…but sometime under cover of darkness, I shall employ my vulpine gifts of stealth and cunning, and slyly return to liberate the Car Fox from his cruel restraints so that he can lead his children, as is his right and destiny! Then the day of reckoning will be at hand, I reckon...



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5 Comments on “Inflatable Car Foxes…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Too bad you couldn’t be like Swiper Fox…and permanently have swiped the only copy of the Dora Explorer feature film.

    “Oye, mis amigos! Can you say ‘mui excrementable?’ “

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