Real Cost of Smoking, “Little Lungs” Snowboard

I, for one, am starting to get a bit freaked out over the number of anthropomorphic organs detaching themselves from the human body and making a go of it by themselves in advertisements and public service announcements. There was a time when reporting such sightings would have landed you a diagnosis as an active psychotic, but now we have bladders, stomachs, and even colons parading around without a suspicion of recreational drug use.  Perhaps it’s appropriate and to be expected for the times in which we live, but I’ll never be fully comfortable with it, and it may haunt my dreams…

One of a series, “Little Lungs in a Great Big World: Snowboard,” brings us the little lungs in question being asked by other bigger, presumably healthier lungs if they’d like to go snowboarding with the group.  The little lungs respond in the affirmative, but because they had smoked as a teenager are smaller in size,and subsequently unable to draw in enough air and keep up.  They wind up wiping out and getting skewered by the antlers of a moose, one eye hanging disconcertingly out of its socket.  

It certainly doesn’t make me want to light one up!  When I was young, we didn’t have all of these renegade organs marauding about, and were simply told that smoking would stunt your growth.  To lull us into acquiring a smoking habit, we went to visit Marlboro Country where manly men did manly things like ropin’ and ridin’ with nary a hacking cough to be heard, or a tumor to be seen. – – And who was cooler than Joe Camel? – – But ahh, times have changed.  Perhaps in the future, Larry Liver will warn us about the dangers of alcoholic consumption…

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2 Comments on “Real Cost of Smoking, “Little Lungs” Snowboard”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I remember a very effective anti-smoking commercial that came out in the 1980’s. The brother of the original Marlborough Man, himself, showing photos of the latter. In a hospital bed. Just before he died of lung cancer!

    I, myself, have had more than one relative die from varous forms of the Big C. And it ain’t pretty! Resulting as much from the chemotherapy as the disease, itself.

    So, everybody reading this; if you’re worried about yourself or your loved ones (especially children age 10 or less!) contracting lung cancer from second-hand smoke inhalation on the part of people who reek like a tobacco warehouse? Don’t be intimidated by misguided political correctness. Speak up! Be 49% polite and 51% percent firm, in doing so, too.

    This has been an usually-but-sincerely serious message from me. And Vulpes had no knowledge of it beforehand.

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