Autonomous, Ambulatory Robots…

Submitted for your approval is Marty, an autonomous, ambulatory robot deployed at my local supermarket to look for spills and trash. He approached me noisily from behind, beeping and flashing lights, and at first I didn’t know what was going on! Was someone pushing this thing, inside it, or remotely controlling it? — Nope, nope, and nope…but you don’t have to fear Marty.  They pasted on those ridiculous, googly eyes so as not to project a Darth Vader vibe, although that might be interesting…

Vader ‘Bot:  “I find your lack of fresh produce purchases disturbing…”

Customer:  “Alright,  just stop force-choking me,  jeez!  I’m throwing in cabbages, see?”

Vader ‘Bot:  “The General Manager will be pleased, but pray you do not require a further demonstration…”

While it will be some time before Rosie the robot from The Jetsons will be among us, the ‘bots are coming!    Marty is far from being C-3PO, but give it another ten years or so, and they could be seeking a piece of your action… 


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4 Comments on “Autonomous, Ambulatory Robots…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Reminds of the telepresence-controlled Sheldroid from BIG BANG THEORY. How I miss that contraption! 🙂

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    • carycomic Says:

      Btw: I might owe you another apology. I just saw another commercial for that computer service named Mintmobile. And, when I read your first article on that topic, I honestly thought–at that time–that you were referring to some ad for a breath-freshening candy with a vulpine mascot who drives…a mint-green automobile!

      If sanity were beer, I’d probably be five cans short. 😉

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      • vulpesffb Says:

        Might the commercial have been the one where the people are drinking glasses of spoiled milk, so bad as to have turned chunky? And without seeing the commercials, one might assume that a Mintmobile fox was endorsing a breath mint! I’m just glad to see one of my kind in advertisements…

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        • carycomic Says:

          Don’t forget the Car Fox. Or the one who guides Charlie Brown’s original voice to the Paul Winchell owl with a sweet beak for Tootsie Pops!


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