d-Con’s “Mouse in the Pantry” Commercial


In a short, arguably disgusting, but twisted commercial for d-Con pest control products, a father with two young children finds some sizable, oblong, dark-colored objects littering the kitchen floor.  “What are those?,” questions a child innocently.  Following the trail of unspeakable things to the kitchen pantry, the father jerks open the pantry door to reveal…a mouse!  A large, anthropomorphic, fursuited mouse is seated comfortably on the pantry floor while munching on some snack for humans right out of the box!  The father screams in surprise at the unwelcome furry visitor, who yells back startled at the human intruder. – – It’s a Kodak moment!  

“Get out!,” demands the father of the surprised anthro rodent.  Those were his droppings strewn on  the floor, you see.   You certainly wouldn’t want to find such a creature stirring in your house on Xmas Eve…perhaps if he were fitted with Depends, he would be less objectionable.  Darn vermin seem to get bigger every year!


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One Comment on “d-Con’s “Mouse in the Pantry” Commercial”

  1. carycomic Says:

    He sounds like one of those two-meter-long womp rats Luke Skywalker always shot at back on Tattooine. If such is the case, he was probably a stow-away on the Roswell UFO (which proves it did come from a galaxy far, far away)!


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