Verizon’s “More Birds” Commercial…



People who seek to lure birds can sometimes get too much of a good thing…or so seems to be the underlying message of a recent Verizon commercial, More Birds.  “There’s good more, and there’s not so good more,” intones the announcer.  Hubby is outside while the wife is inside, plinking away on a computer tablet and happy that she’s accumulating  Verizon bonus rewards points.  

“Honey, look!  I got one to light on me!,” babbles the guy to his largely-oblivious wife as a small bird lands on his extended arm.  “Uh huh,” notes the wife.  “You’ve got a buddy!,” says the guy as a second bird lands on his other extended arm.  While the woman continues to be completely involved with her Verizon bonus rewards points, birds continue to land on the man’s extended arms.  “I’m like a statue!,” he intones, not wishing to scare them away. Trouble is, the birds continue to come, including an owl; things are getting out of hand.  The last bird to come appears to be a large bird of prey, and it grabs the guy from behind, literally carrying him away with his work.  The woman either doesn’t notice, or perhaps doesn’t care.  Familiarity breeds contempt, after all.

Perhaps Alfred Hitchcock was onto something in his classic thriller, The Birds.  Then in mythology we also have tales of the giant Roc, said to be large enough to carry cattle and even elephants away.  At the very least, birds can poop on you and your newly-washed car, which is horrible enough…


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2 Comments on “Verizon’s “More Birds” Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    1) That last bird was the CGI version of a golden eagle. The largest, and perhaps most geographicall wide-spread, bird of prey in the world.

    2) It’s not familiarity that breeds contempt. IT’S OVER-FREQUENCY OF VISITATION by so-called “friends” and relatives!!!!!


    Sorry; I tend to have more back issues than my dentist’s office.


  2. vulpesffb Says:

    On #2: I hear you talkin’, and I can relate! Preach, brother, preach! I don’t have issues…I gots a subscription!


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