Jack Links “Feed Your Wild Side” Animals…


Things that erupt from one’s chest cavity are extremely cool, especially if their doing so doesn’t prove fatal to the host, as occurred in the Aliens movies.  The Jack Links “Hangry Moments” (hungry + angry) beasties include a puma, an eagle, and a wolf.  The wolf appears at a dull business meeting, with the host’s boss complaining that the appearance was the second time that week!  Once the ferocious, snarling wolf head is fed some Jack Links jerky, however, it becomes quite docile, nuzzling the man’s face and then retreating back into his shirt, which miraculously isn’t even torn!  In the other spots, an eagle comes from a woman’s chest on an airline, while the puma appears from the chest of a student taking an exam.  

I’d do almost anything to be able to have a fox head erupt from my chest cavity as kind of a co-joined twin!  The uses and applications would be endless, and I could be my own best friend, revealing my inner self almost at will…(sighs longingly)…

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3 Comments on “Jack Links “Feed Your Wild Side” Animals…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Sounds more like they’re ripping off THE MANSTER.


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