Geico “Pig in a Blanket” Commercial

maxwell football– – Geico’s Maxwell the pig is back in a commercial spot again, this time at a football game where he is again demonstrating the capabilities of his Geico app to a friend, even in the midst of a a crowded stadium.  It’s evidently a chilly day prompting some extra covering in the outdoor facility, and pretty soon the stadium cam zooms in on Maxwell, causing his image to appear on a giant screen, together with the legend, “Pig in a blanket!” For the uniformed, this refers to a recipe for hot dogs prepared wrapped in crescent rolls.  We’ll overlook the additional fact that footballs were once referred to as “pigskins.”

“Guess I walked into that one,” quips Maxwell, who at this point could use some better material…

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4 Comments on “Geico “Pig in a Blanket” Commercial”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Which material would you prefer him in: honey-mustard; tomato ketchup; or hickory barbecue sauce?

    “Please don’t call me a carnivore. I’m a vegetarian once-removed.”


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