Walter, the Litter Genie Cat

walter– – Litter Genie is a cat litter disposal system, not to be confused with Little Genie, the Elton John song.  Anyways, Litter Genie features a spokes-cat named Walter, who is a bit of a singing sensation himself.  Walter has actually cut some music videos, one of which is called I Haz a Pie Row Tek Nik, performing as Walter and the Awful Pawfuls.  My favorite Walter video, however, is a flashback to the psychedelic sixties, with the fab feline performing I Haz a Catnip in Mah Head with Walter and the Wizards.  This is from an album called, Litter Trippin’.

Yet another of Walter’s music videos is called, Me Luvz Mahself, with Walter performing with the Lap Cats and featuring rhythm and blues styling with cats wearing gold chains and gem-studded collars.  As it was sung in The Aristocats, “Everybody Wants to be a Cat”…meow!

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5 Comments on “Walter, the Litter Genie Cat”

  1. carycomic Says:

    My favorite little genie is still Barbara Eden. Especially, when she portrays the FOXY brunette twin!


    • vulpesffb Says:

      There was also a Little Genie that was a garage door opener, kind of an “Open Sesame!” thing…


      • carycomic Says:

        “Can you tell me how to get…
        How to get an ‘Open Sesame’ thing?
        How to get an ‘Open Sesame’ thing?
        How to get an ‘Open Sesame’ thing?”

        [Repeat, ad nauseam, till fade-out]

        My sincerest apologies to you and Jim Henson. 😉


  2. carycomic Says:

    I remember “Grey-Hounded.” The one with the dog races, where he thinks the electrical rabbit is a _real_ doe (female lagomorph). And, after he’s defeated the last of her canine “persecutors,” he yells:

    “Come into my arms, Jeannie, my light brown hare!”



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