Furries and the Harlem Shake!

Harlem Shake

– – The Harlem Shake is kind of a flash mob performance or  “happening,” a kind of random visual absurdity that is both a dance and a song.  Since furries are no strangers to absurdity but rather exist within and delight in it, it’s no wonder that a number of videos are out there showing furries from locations around the world performing the Harlem Shake.- -Anyways, I’d rather see some fursons in well-make outfits performing the number than someone in a cheesy banana suit!

Animal influences have figured in a number of dance crazes, such as the horse dance featured in the Gangnam Style video by PSY, so why not enjoy such things?- -It’s the weekend, after all!  One must learn when to stop making sense…

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2 Comments on “Furries and the Harlem Shake!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I prefer the Mick Jagger version of “Harlem Shuffle.”


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