“Fancy Bear” from FreeCreditScore…

Fancy Bear– – Seems like everyone’s a critic these days, even Fancy Bear from the FreeCreditScore commercial!  It appears that you’re just not safe from having a home invasion by a bowler-hat wearing, cane and moustache-sporting bear in a dress jacket who criticizes your taste in home decor.  “May I respond negatively about your porcelain poodle?,” interjects the well-dressed ursine intruder, disdainfully holding up the objectionable artifact.   “This should be in the trash!,” he huffs.  The commercial closes with Fancy Bear playing a piano piece while the properly scolded human couple sit listening on the couch.  

Fancy Bear is not quite my cup of tea, and I dread to think of what he would say about half of the stuff that I have sitting around my house, such as a bust of a snarling werewolf…



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3 Comments on ““Fancy Bear” from FreeCreditScore…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Wasn’t that him the mariachi band was standing on in the very next commercial from this same company?


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