Fluzone’s “Hedgehog”

– – If he were any cuter, people probably wouldn’t be able to stand him…the Fluzone Hedgehog, that is!  Now there aren’t really many vaccines that have their own animal mascots…no tetanus shot tarantulas, for example.  But this little guy makes sense, since you get a shot from a needle, and he’s covered with quills.  But you really won’t mind, because he’s even  going to a barber shop to get his quills trimmed…the idea is, ‘ya see, that Fluzone uses smaller intradermal needles!

He’s an anthropomorphic hedgehog, talking a little…and he even adjusts his little red tie!  He’s such a cute little dickens that you want to hug him, even if it hurts!  One just wonders why he goes to a hair salon rather than an animal groomers, but maybe he’s trying to make time with the stylist…and I’ll be surprised if we don’t now see more furry hedgehog avatars and stuffed hedgehogs out by Xmas.

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3 Comments on “Fluzone’s “Hedgehog””

  1. carycomic Says:

    Hug him, but don’t tease him. Hedgehogs hate to be needled!


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