Rockin’ the House…

– – I’m glad to see that the Kia hamsters have developed a taste for the fine arts,  showing their trademark killer moves in an 18th-century opera house in their newest commercial for the Soul “party wagon!” 

The current campaign is called “Bringing Down the House,” and features a ballet performance and breakdancing to the Axwell remix of “In My Mind.”  It’s kind of an electronic dance rave type thing which is played to an audience of upper-crusty aristocratic types who seem to eventually tap into the energy and get into the groove…

The hamsters are good at what they do, BTW…sales of the Kia Soul are up 13% this year!

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2 Comments on “Rockin’ the House…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Well, it’s better than “Everyday, I’m Pirouettin’.”


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