The Yodeling Cat…

— Some have referred to the Yodeling Cat as being “creepy” or “disturbing” or even “horrifying,” but the holiday season seems to spawn such things,  and one may see the creepy and disturbing prowling the aisles at Walmart anyways, so I welcome this white-furred warbler as a twisted commentary on where the excesses of Xmas can lead us. It’s also perhaps the most significant intrusion of yodeling into pop culture since the late great Andy Kaufman  yodeled to an African drum rhythm,  or yodeling was used as a potent weapon against alien invasion in the movie,  Mars Attacks!  

As one who loves dementedly random things as well as juxtaposition,  by extension I’m also led to wonder if perhaps by yodeling we who are furry might also also use it as a force for societal change, or at least by yodeling cause Donald Trump’s head to explode as those of Tim Burton’s aliens did.- – It’s worth a try…

We’ve come a long way since the 1955 novelty hit, “Jingle Bells” by the Singing Dogs, right?– No, I didn’t think so either…

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2 Comments on “The Yodeling Cat…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Could be worse. He could’ve been lip-synching Perry Como!

    “I met a man who came from Tennessee,
    And he was headed for…Foxsylvania
    And some home-made pumpkin pie.
    [Some pumpkin pie!!] ”

    Merry belated Xmas, and have a Happy New Year, too. 🙂


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