News and Weather You Can Bear…

– – Talk about guerilla theater! Earlier this month during a live newscast tracking the progress of Hurricane Ike that showed the wave-lashed beach off Galveston, Texas the on-site weatherman had to cope with the unexpected appearance behind him of…an anthropomorphic bear!

In a surreal moment worthy of the best of Trigger-Happy TV, the bear-costumed figure moved with grace and agility behind the weatherman, seemingly unconcerned about the rough seas and striking a pose or two for the viewing audience.  The befuddled newscaster, his thunder utterly stolen, could think of nothing better to do other than to shift the camera to a view of a battered pier…all the while kinda pretending that the bear’s antics were not going on!

…caught by surprise by a furry, it was a moment to live for!

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2 Comments on “News and Weather You Can Bear…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    That’s probably the closest the guy could come to looking like a real “sea bear” (nickname for the pinniped commonly called the fur seal).


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