Wild On The Streets!

– – More than one million Americans annually will hit a deer with their car, and the odds of doing so have gone up 21% in the past five years as the deer population has increased.

Nationally, your odds of striking a deer with your vehicle are 1 in 183, with West Virginia the most likely state for such a mishap with odds of 1 in 42.  Hawaii is the state where you are least likely to strike a deer, with the odds being only 1 in 13,000.

About three in four collisions between cars and animals involve deer, and the annual human death toll from such accidents is about 140.  Such deaths aren’t usually a direct result of hitting the animal, but rather it’s the secondary impact with another vehicle or going off the road that proves fatal. It’s usually curtains for the deer as well.

While deer are the biggest problem, they aren’t the only road hazard, with feral hogs proving a growing problem and lending new meaning to the term, “road hog!”

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2 Comments on “Wild On The Streets!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I think I mentioned this, last year. But, periodically, children-oriented TV stations, like Boomerang, will run some of those MGM cartoons from the 1950’s. Not all of which starred Tom and Jerry!

    One of those exceptions was an instructional sports parody featuring an unlucky outdoorsman named Ed. First, he had bad luck catching fish (he only caught a minnow; resulting in all the _other_ luckless fishermen converging on his spot!). And, then, having even misfortune at deer hunting.

    The circa seven-minute cartoon ended with a ten-point buck driving out of the park in Ed’s car…with Ed tied to the hood.

    “Too bad, Ed!”


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Some of those 50’s cartoons, especially ones intended for theatrical release, packed a punch and were superior to ‘toons which followed them!


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