“Sharktopus” Arrives!

– – We all know that the government does terrible things behind our backs, like the calamitous Plum Island experiment that created yours truly.–Well, it would appear that the Navy has engineered a half-shark, half-octopus killing machine as a super-weapon which, of course, gets out of control as genetically-engineered creatures are prone to do…life would be so dreary if they didn’t!

The sharktopus shows a perverse predilection for beautiful blond women in bikinis, dragging them off boats, beaches, and bungee cords…gotta love the big lug!    He also is not deterred by machine gun fire, otherwise the movie might be over quickly.

Coming from B-movie king Roger Corman and boasting a cheesy theme song,  the absurd, low-budget made-for-tv movie Sharktopus may be a real hoot! –Witness the glory that is Syfy this Saturday night!

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4 Comments on ““Sharktopus” Arrives!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Personally, the previews make it look and sound like a CGI-enhanced remake of the low-budget Mario Bava cult-classic “Devilfish” (aka “Monster Shark”) from 1984.


  2. carycomic Says:

    There was one scene, towards the climax, where the “sharktopus” was using its tentacles the same way a terrestrial quadruped would use its legs!

    Now, even I know that the tentacles of real-life octopi (the correct plural, I believe) aren’t strong enough to give _that_ much support, out of the water.

    So, I’m forced to surmise that Dr. Frankensands (as I like to call Eric Roberts’ character) did a lot more genetic modifying than he initially confessed to his daughter. Probably sandcrab-DNA, for amphibious capability; wolverine-DNA, for the urge to kill for more than just food; and, maybe even chimp-DNA for near human-level intelligence and cunning!*

    *I know, I know: over-extrapolation. Let’s just say I only do that for really good bad movies. Especially the ones that proved slightly better than I initially anticipated. 😉


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Yuppers, walking on those tentacles strained all credibility and I found the ending anti-climatic, but the movie had its moments and was fun. I really didn’t expect anything more from it!


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