Walter, the Chevy Silverado Cat…

We’re quite used to seeing dogs in commercials, but cats not so much unless theyre hawking cat food or kitty litter. Walter the Cat changes all of that, appearing in a commercial for Chevy Silverado where he does everything a dog typically does, and more…

In the commercial, Walter is shown corralling cattle, chasing a mailman, riding a snowmobile, retrieving a stick thrown into water, leading a dog sled team, and even extricating a downed skier like a St. Bernard!

It’s all in a day’s work for the frisky feline, who rides shotgun in his master’s truck and shares a tent as well as any canine best friend. It is the Year of the Tiger, after all…Rawrr! 🦊

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One Comment on “Walter, the Chevy Silverado Cat…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Yeah! But, could he help a poached lion escape from a circus like Mozart the Wolf did in the new award-winning family film from M’sieur and Madame Maistre of Canada? *

    *You should go see it, ASAP, Vulpie. And bring plenty of Kleenex! 🙂

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