“Sexy Beasts” Is Coming to Netflix…

If you melded The Masked Singer with The Dating Game and sprinkled in some psychedelic drugs, you might come up with something similar to Sexy Beasts, a bizarre dating series premiering on Netflix July 21st. The show is based on an earlier British series that also had versions run in Germany, Korea, and the United States.

The show’s prior core concept involved taking an eligible male or female and matching them on successive dates with three other singles, with all four individuals transformed by heavy prosthetic facial makeovers to resemble animal or mythological figures. Only the contestant’s face would be altered, the rest of their body being as it would normally appear. In the course of the episodes two of the three suitors would be eliminated, allowing the remaining person to go on a second date with the bachelor or bachelorette, both parties then unmasked.

The idea is supposedly to see if romance can be generated solely on the basis of personality if not allowed to see the true face of a prospective suitor. A scenario can then be generated where a woman wearing a panda head inquires of a man resembling a bull whether he has health insurance. We all know that this happens all the time…

Not all of the contestants will be furry, with some facially made up to resemble insects, aliens, monsters, or assorted supernaturals. We all know that the course of true love seldom runs smooth, after all. One’s “date” might turn out to be a real dog, but then presumably you’d at least have a new best friend…

Ah well! In the search for a sexy beast, if nothing’s ventured, nothing’s gained. You might, after all, find one of your own kind.- – Do you know any sexy beasts?  Might a few of you out there be one? Time to ‘fess up…or maybe not. Feral is as feral does, after all.  And what might be a suitable soundtrack for this series?  Perhaps You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate!   🦊

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10 Comments on ““Sexy Beasts” Is Coming to Netflix…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Old joke, re: blind dating.

    DAUGHTER: “Is he good-looking, Mom?”

    MOTHER: “Well, he has a nice personality.”

    KID SISTER: “English translation? Oink-oink-oink-oink!”

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    • carycomic Says:

      The more sexist version reverses the gender of the inquiring offspring so that the punchline has a more canine sound effect.

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      • vulpesffb Says:

        I can imagine! I would love to see a Disney-esque follow-up to Sleeping Beauty where the Prince is miserable due to marrying a beautiful but shrewish wife… 😼


    • vulpesffb Says:

      I remember seeing a comedy sketch where Prince Charming courted Sleeping Beauty, whereas “Sleeping Great Personality” was totally ignored! 😼


      • carycomic Says:

        Actually, I think Carol Burnett once did a sequel to Disney’s very first animated feature. It was called “Snow White 20 Years Later,” with Carol in the title role, Harvey Corman as Prince Charming (now overweight and effeminate), and Jack Gilford as the Dwarf-Formerly-Known-As-Bashful.*

        Guess who she runs off with? 😉

        *Evidently, a graduate of the Harold Robbins School of Self-Improvement.

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