Liberty Mutual’s “Interruption” Commercial…

Nature’s little creatures can be cute and appealing on a singular basis, but creepy and menacing when they swarm you in large numbers.  We saw this theme at play in an earlier Jiff peanut butter commercial when one young lady eating a peanut butter sandwich encountered a squirrel beseeching a bite, soon to become a legion of them led by a humanoid figure with a squirrel head; creepy and surreal!

In this Liberty Mutual variant with two versions, we see in the longer version a guy eating a sandwich on a bench overlooking the trademark Statue of Liberty who breaks the “fourth wall” by asking if he’s in a Liberty Mutual commercial, then asking what happens in this one.  “Seagulls,” he is told.  One appears on the bench beside him, which the guy likes…then he is swarmed by a flock of them, which he likes much less!  The spot evokes a little of Hitchcock’s The Birds, still a worthwhile view after many years.  If you’ve ever fed a French fry to a seagull at the beach, you’ll know what the experience is like.  What’s worse is having the gulls poop on you, oh the horror, the horror!

In the shorter version, the same guy is on the bench, sandwich in one hand, chips in the other.  He talks about how Liberty Mutual customized his insurance so he only pays for what he needs…what a great day!  Then a gull swoops in, stealing his sandwich, making it just an “OK” day.  Finally a second gull flies by to steal his chips, making it a “messed up” day.  And some days, as Al Bundy observed, won’t get better until you return to bed.

Seagulls…I’m reminded of what one character spoke at the closing of the original The House on Haunted Hill movie….”They’re coming for me, now.  And then, they’ll be coming for YOU!”  🙀



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3 Comments on “Liberty Mutual’s “Interruption” Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Ah, yes! The late, great Elisha Cook, Junior. Most famous as Peter Lorre’s “boy friend” in THE MALTESE FALCON. Then, the vagrant ex-boyfriend of Marie Windsor in the Tobe Hooper version of SALEM’S LOT. And, finally, the “semi-retired” gangster known as Icepick on the original (and undeniably far superior) version of MAGNUM, P.I.

    But, now that I think about it, Ned Scott’s closing line (from the Howard Hawks’ version of THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD) is even more appropriate for someone who’s just gotten mobbed by seagulls: “Keep watching the skies. Everywhere! Keep looking! Keep watching the skies.”

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      I have received seagull spatter on my clothing, but count myself fortunate to have avoided a direct hit. A poor soul I was with years ago suffered such an attack, receiving the full measure TO HER HAIR! So much for human dignity. Mixed emotions of pity and revulsion washed over me then, and the victim has despised and avoided seagulls since!

      I once saw a parody of a scene from “The Birds” (a Mel Brooks production, I think, perhaps “High Anxiety”) where the victim was targeted by waiting birds that wanted not to peck at or bloody him, but poop on him. The victim staggered on, and the end result was hilarious but disgusting… 🙀

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