“The General Skunk” Commercial


      When a woman in a commercial for The General insurance appears about ready to drive a newly-purchased vehicle off a car lot, she is met by the unlikely duo of Shaquille O’Neal and The General, the latter a cartoon pipsqueak in military attire sporting an enormous white moustache.  

        You’re not ready to drive without insurance,” cautions Shaquille.  “That’s as crazy as starting a skunk farm in your backyard!”  The admonition seems to trigger a traumatic memory in the woman. We flash back to an image of her apparently in her yard being advanced upon by over half a dozen skunks.  The woman extends her palms at the advancing skunks in an effort to keep them at bay.  “Easy, Petunia!,” she cries to one, “Back up!,” she beseeches…but her efforts are in vain, as we are shown a fleeting image of the skunks raising their tails, about to spray the woman.

        Flashing back to the present, the woman is now happily engaged in procuring insurance from The General.  “Smell you later,” she says to those bad memories as she departs…


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        2 Comments on ““The General Skunk” Commercial”

        1. carycomic Says:

          Ah, yes! Reminds me of a classic routine by Norm Crosby. During the Sixties and Seventies, he was legendary among other stand-up comedians as being “The King of Malaprops.” With this one being my favorite. Especially, as it’s so appropriate for these tough times!

          “As JFK once said: ‘If you, out there, don’t pitch in and do your part–and if we, in Washington, don’t pitch in and do our part–pretty soon…”

          “…we won’t have a part to pitch in.”

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