“The Masked Singer,” Season 3 Premier

Without a lot of advance advertising, The Masked Singer returned for a third season on the Fox network…and get this, a fourth season is coming this summer!  The series continues to be outrageous and very furry friendly, with a majority of the contestants on the first episode identifiable species.  There was also a Miss Monster and a Robot performing.

Series host Nick Cannon entered wearing a mirrored rabbit mask that he had worn before on a previous season, and guest celebrity contestant Jamie Foxx  joined the usual panel of judges, wearing initially a mirrored fox mask.  He had in season two been suspected of being the performer named Fox, who was actually Wayne Brady, the winner of last season’s competition.

The show got off to a roaring start with contestant White Tiger (pictured above, center) who was a large, physically impressive presence that performed Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.”   Following was Turtle (far right), who looked like a punk reptile the Ninja Turtles might fight and performed “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal.  Next was Llama (second in from right), looking like a tourist on recreational drugs who performed Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs.”  Remarkably, this costume had hind legs on wheels.  I thought that Llama’s back-up female llama dancers were also effective, and they played bongo drums strung around themselves occasionally. You just don’t see hot female bongo-playing llama-headed female dancers everyday..

Then there came Miss Monster (far left), a tribute to T-Pains character in the first season.   She performed “Something to Talk About” by Bonnie Raitt, and was joined on stage by the T-Pain character, who did not sing along.  The back-up dancers for Miss Monster mirrored her cyclops look by having heads that were nothing but enormous eyes, a nice surreal touch.  Following was Robot, a clunky retro-looking model complete with a large winding key on their back who performed a Lenny Kravitz number in the company of two lab-coated mad scientist types with white hair and guitars who reminded me of Thing One and Thing Two of Dr. Sseus fame.  Last to perform was Kangaroo, attired in boxing togs like cartoon ‘roos in days of yore, who performed Dancing On My Own.

When the elimination vote was performed, Robot was eliminated, although I thought he didn’t give the weakest performance of the night, and should have abided far longer.  When unmasked, Robot turned out to be Lil Wayne, a very commercially successful performer.  The Masked Singer airs on Fox Wednesday night in my area…



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7 Comments on ““The Masked Singer,” Season 3 Premier”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I still think the performers look more like “Banana Splits Meet Dungeons & Dragons.”

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      I like that! Spoiler alert: the llama was Drew Carey!

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      • carycomic Says:

        “Mi llama es ‘Cary,’ tambien!”



      • carycomic Says:

        P.S.—now, you get the emojis back. 😉

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        • carycomic Says:

          Somewhat more seriously, though: I just finished binge-watching “Expedition Bigfoot” on the Travel Channel. Pretty riveting, I have to admit! It might have been a semi-fictionalized hodgepodge, semi-randomly including stuff like cattle mutilations, ghostly children giggling, and floating orbs of light. But, the background research on Bigfeet, in general, was pretty spot-on.

          I even loved the fact that they periodically interviewed Bob Gimlin (surviving partner of the legendary Roger Patterson)!


          • carycomic Says:

            On a lighter note: this August will mark the 70th birthday of “Far Side” cartoonist Gary Larson.

            One of his recurring themes was anthropomorphic cows. Like the ones who were having a bipedal conversation until a look-out yelled “Car!” At which point…

            …they grazed on all fours till the car was gone. Then, they resumed their two-legged stances!

            I slightly regret it, however, that he retired before he came up with with what I just know would’ve been an instant classic. A mother cow (modestly wearing an apron over her udder) yelling at her calf:

            “Why is this door locked? What do you think we live in; a house?!”

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            • vulpesffb Says:

              I love your idea! Gary Larson I understand is hosting an on-line collection of his work that may include new creations from time to time. The twisted perspectives of “The Far Side” are an inspiration to many of us…

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