The Masked Singer, S1, Ep2…Run, Rabbit, Run!

I was not disappointed!  The Rabbit rocked the house on S1, Ep2 of The Masked Singer with a rousing rendition of Ricky Martin’s Livin’ la Vida Loca. With his glowing red eyes, straitjacket-type outfit, and head-twitching mannerisms, The Rabbit conveyed a touch of madness and menace, winning over Alien with a great stage presence and a lot of kinetic energy, together with that “fresh from the asylum” vibe that he had going on…kinda like Michael Jackson by way of The JokerRabbit was deeply into his character, and I respect that. Perhaps he’ll perform White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane in a future match-up…

In other match-ups, Raven easily beat Pineapple, who was voted the weakest performance of the night and voted off.  The identity of Pineapple? — Tommy Chong, who is known for comedy but hardly singing and dancing.  Raven’s outfit was dark and foreboding, with almost steampunk and horror elements, and she sang Rainbow by Kesha…

In the third round, Poodle sang a strong version of Pat Benatar’s Heartbreaker, but lost to Bee who performed Chandalier  by Sia.  Bee is apparently a veteran performer who has been doing her thing since the 1950’s!  When the menagerie convenes in weeks to come, we’ll be seeing both of them again in someplace where your fantasies meet your nightmares.  This is weird but fun stuff, and I’m in for the ride…  


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3 Comments on “The Masked Singer, S1, Ep2…Run, Rabbit, Run!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I remember an Americanized sentai series called “Beetleborgs” (picture Power Rangers dressed like non-shrinking Ant Men) where the titular heroes were courageously meddling kids who received their powers from a genie named Flivver.

    He resembled the love-child of Jay Leno and the Joker!

    *Insert index-finger crucifix here.*

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      My fantasy: In the Oval Office, the Cheeto Man is Tweeting furiously. So self-absorbed is he that he fails to notice a large, anthropomorphic rabbit rising behind his chair. At the last moment, Cheeto Man turns in his chair to see a pair of baleful red eyes behind him. Mistaking the orange features for a carrot, the Rabbit chomps down. A scream is cut short… (fade to black)

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  2. carycomic Says:

    As they might say at the Apollo Theater:

    “Bunnicula’s in The White Houuuuuuuuuuse!”

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