CarFax “Mole” Commercial…

carfax mole

Foxes are stealthy, and in our secret underground lairs, we track...many things.  What we track is on a “need to know” basis, but we will share that one of the things we track are accidents.  So when a balding middle-aged man makes a request in a new commercial released in April to see the CarFax, the floor beneath him opens up, and he is spirited via a tunnel to arrive in the presence of that great and secret control center, still seated in his easy chair.  The Car Fox himself appears before him, but we see that he has a number of able assistants, all vulpine, seated at a number of computer terminals that monitor and regulate operations.  The underground operations center is truly impressive, looking efficiently high tech, just like one of those command centers operated by Blofeld or one of the Bond villains.  They were, of course, mere amateurs by comparison…

The casually-attired Car Fox answers the human’s questions, only because it amuses him to do so.  We are made privy to the information that the foxes employ moles to dig up facts, and we are shown one of these moles gathering information with binoculars.  The moles are simply operatives, of course…foxes are the real brains of the operation.  In a different commercial, opossums are shown to gather service information on a vehicle.  One can never have too much information…empires are won and lost over such matters.

The Car Fox has evolved greatly since his humble beginnings as a simple puppet on the hand of an unscrupulous salesman.  But you can rest assured that your fox overlords only have your best interests at heart.  After all, we live to serve…(wink, wink!)

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3 Comments on “CarFax “Mole” Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    And, when these moles spot a giant fire-breathing dragon, what do they yell (in pseudo-Japanese)?*

    *Hint! See my comment under previous article.


  2. carycomic Says:

    This ad also gives me pause to wonder if Morocco Mole was ever a double-agent (spying on Secret Squirrel in order to the secret behind the latter’s Jetsonian car).


    • vulpesffb Says:

      I remember “Secret Squirrel!” One of his adversaries was “Yellow Pinky,” in tribute to Bond’s nemesis, “Goldfinger.”


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