UFO Bigfoot; Lake Pepin Monster; Cajun Werewolf…


The season finale of Monsters & Mysteries in America (S2/Ep12) brought us three new segments with a wide range of strangeness. Just when you thought you’ve heard about every Bigfoot tale around, we’re asked to consider the twisted possibility that the celebrated cryptid is an alien, either the pilot of the UFO close by which it is seen, or an agent of those actually in control of it.- -“Who let the ‘Squatches out?!,” roared the commander of the Grays to his subordinates…

On July 30th, 1966 two picnicking couples got their vehicle stuck on Presque Isle in Pennsylvania. One male walked to town to seek a tow truck with the others remaining behind. Those remaining saw a “falling star” as night approached, the object assuming a mushroom-shape as it approached and landed behind a tree line. A park ranger then appeared, and that ranger and the remaining guy went to investigate the UFO. The two girls remaining with the car saw a 7′ humanoid approach, who attacked the car, hitting and denting it. Of course, there was nothing to be seen of the Bigfoot when the ranger and boyfriend returned. The next day, the Air Force, police, and other groups were crawling all over the site, investigating it. The incident supposedly became part of the Project Blue Book reports. In Fayette County, Pennsylvania a woman investigated noises in the vicinity of her porch, finding instead of the critters she expected a large, Bigfoot-type creature with red eyes. She fired a shotgun at it, at which point the creature disappeared in front of her eyes, apparently “beamed up” by its alien overlords.

Now if aquatic beasties are more to your preference, we were given the story of the Lake Pepin Monster in Minnesota, “Pepie” for short. A type of sea serpent, “Pepie” reportedly was photographed in 2004, with the photo showing a humped creature with a long neck.  The earliest known sightings go back to 1867, with Native American tribes attributing missing members to predation by the monster.  In 1983, a water skier fell off of her skis and while in the drink reported seeing a creature twenty to thirty feet long with scales; she has never returned to those waters since.  A boat equipped with “fish finder” type radar discerned a moving underwater object about 6′ wide by 35′ long; diver Cory Breault was sent in after it, to be passed by something large underwater which caught him in a vortex from which he barely surfaced, emerging freaked out by the experience.  “Pepie” is mundanely thought to be a giant sturgeon or eel, or more imaginatively a plesiosaur…wet and wild stuff!

The third and most brief segment presented the story of the Cajun Werewolf, a shape-shifting canine of the Louisiana swamps.  The creature is said to be a cursed person having the body of a man and the head of a dog or wolf-like beast.  Presented was the story of Chauvin Beldrin, who when about 13 years of age went hunting on All Saints Day in 1976, a day on which it was considered forbidden to take life.  While targeting a rabbit, a creature with the face of a dog came out of the grass, growled, and pursued the young teen, essentially driving him out of the swamp.  It was speculated that the wolfman may be sent forth by the swamp as a warning to those who are not respecting its ways, or trying to take inappropriately from it…

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3 Comments on “UFO Bigfoot; Lake Pepin Monster; Cajun Werewolf…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    With respect to Bigfeet as a UFO-nauts? Three hypotheses immediately spring to mind. First of all; they could have been beamed aboard the spacecraft of ancient astronauts as a sort of Phase 1 of the cosmic catch-and-release that has seemingly continued to modern times (from Barney and Betty Hill onwards). Secondly; they could be NASA space chimps from the earliest days of the American space race that were hijacked in orbit (never to be returned as they were), and genetically experimented (again, for indecipherable-to-us reasons). And, last but not least; maybe the alien Grays are projecting holographic images of Bigfoot and his kin so as to blend in with whatever they’re spying on.*

    With respect to “Pepie” (which, quite frankly, sounds more like a certain stalker skunk from the old WB cartoons)? I doubt it could be a plesiosaur, and for the same reason Champ and other American versions of Nessie couldn’t be, either. To the best of my armchair knowledge, plesiosaurs didn’t have life-long gills (unlike, say, the primitive salamanders known as “mud puppies”). Ergo; sightings of such creatures would be more frequent due to the need to extract atmospheric oxygen!

    But, a land-locked version of something like the Japanese frilled shark might be serpentine enough to fit the description.

    Finally, with regard to the Cajun werewolf (which, quite frankly, sounds more like a cynocephalus than a loup garou), I have only one question. What happened to young Chauvin’s beagle?!!**

    *In the Presque Island case, the ones being spied on were probably bikini-clad Betty and Annette!

    **I can only hope he didn’t leave it behind to become werewolf bait.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      The Cajun werewolf should not be confused with the Cajun Fox, a personal friend of mine despite his desire to make grannie gumbo of Muriel Bagg…


      • carycomic Says:

        Mlle. Muriel didn’t happen to have a granddaughter with a penchant for wearing red equestrian hoodies, did she? 😉


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