AAA “Accident Rewind” Commercial With Beaver…

accident rewind

– –  Beavers are known for being industrious, and apparently at times they’re a bit evil as well!  In an AAA insurance commercial, we are shown a family of four riding along in a red SUV as birds chirp when they spy a beaver gnawing at a tree.  “Daddy, Daddy, look…a beaver!,” cries one girl from the back seat.  “Oh, he’s so cute!,” chimes in the mother, riding shotgun in the front seat.  “Oh, no no no no no!,” redundantly corrects the father.  

Father knows best, apparently.  We are given a close-up of the beaver, who emits a sound between a growl and a hiss, and drops the tree directly at the family’s SUV!  Fortunately, it’s technology to the rescue!  Dad hits a switch inside the vehicle, and the car is instantly protected by a surrounding, shimmering shield, like those deployed by Star Trek spacecraft against enemies.  The tree is halted harmlessly by the energy field!- – I’d give anything to have one of those!

Sadly, though, 24th century technology isn’t here yet.  “Until there’s an impenetrable force field to protect your car from woodland creatures, there’s the next best thing…insurance from AAA!,” declares the announcer.  I don’t understand why we woodland creatures are getting a bad rap here, but if I can’t get a force field, I’m willing to settle for a Jetson’s flying car.  The future is taking too long to get here…*sighs*

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2 Comments on “AAA “Accident Rewind” Commercial With Beaver…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Oh, I don’t know. I think the new Pepto-Bismo commercial, where that Zen-talking squirrel steals some poor lady’s in-flight bag of peanuts, is much more species-ist.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Why anyone would actually want those tiny bags of stale airplane peanuts is beyond me. The squirrel must have been truly desperate; petty theft, indeed. Now a jar of peanut butter, THAT I’d understand!


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