Five-Hour Sour Apple Energy Shots Deer…


– – In a recent commercial, the door of a rustic cabin deep in the woods creaks open late one night.  Standing in the doorway, we see the form of a magnificent buck.  The invader steals into the cabin where a hunter sleeps in bed; quickly and silently, the deer steals the hunter’s five-hour energy shots, thinking by this action that the hunter will be weakened, drowsy and unable to undertake the hunt the next morning! But perhaps the hunter has only pretended to be asleep; he pulls down his covers to reveal beneath them a pack of five-hour extra strength sour apple energy shots, saying to the now absent deer that he’ll be seeing him bright and early the next morning…diabolically clever!

One can hardly fault the deer for seeking to deprive the hunter of his edge.  Perhaps, however, the deer should have absconded with the hunter’s rifle instead of his energy shots, and opened up on him with his own weapon when he sought to pursue his “sport,” making it for the first time a fair competition…that’s what the fox says!


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2 Comments on “Five-Hour Sour Apple Energy Shots Deer…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Your comment reminds me of an old MGM cartoon (one of the few to NOT star Tom & Jerry). It was about hunting and fishing…with the worst ways to try and do both demonstrated by a hapless Everyman named “Ed.”

    If I can find it @ Youtube, I’ll e-mail it to you.


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