Tiger in the Library?

white tiger– – A recent Subway commercial for their Sriracha Chicken Melt sub features a woman named Candice, apparently the librarian, whom we are shown comfortably seated at the main desk in a busy library.  With her sprawled on an adjoining table is a magnificent white tiger, who is spied by a startled male assistant, Carl, apparently returning books to the shelf using a cart.  “I’m not sure that you should have that here!,” ventures Carl nervously, referring to the tiger.  Candice responds as if he was referencing her sandwich, however, saying that she’s just gotten into trying new and spicy things.  She then chides Carl for having an overdue scrapbooking book out, and sends the chastised guy on his sorry way.  Carl is clearly not an alpha male type…

In the remaining seconds of the short commercial spot, the featured sub is described as “bold” and “fiery,” and that is presumably the association or linkage with the tiger.  I guess that we all have to be wild in our own ways…

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3 Comments on “Tiger in the Library?”

  1. carycomic Says:

    One is forced to wonder: would Carl taste like Sriracha chicken to the tiger?


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