Cousin Itt…

Itt– – I would be remiss if I did not include at least one post about Cousin Itt, since who could be more hairy or furry than he? A recurrent but not main character on The Addams Family television series and movies, Itt was a character not created by cartoonist Charles Addams but rather by the producer of the series. The cousin of Gomez Addams, Itt was a short individual completely covered with long, thick hair that completely obscured any underlying features. He typically wore sunglasses and a hat, usually a derby. Itt’s speech was rapid, high-pitched gibberish understandable to any member of the Addams family but not to anyone else.

Cousin Itt did not routinely reside at the Addams mansion, but was a regular visitor there and at times occupied a room, one scaled down to his height and size. Itt was reputed to be highly intelligent, and had a variety of skills and talents, including singing. Itt was quite a lady’s man, and did at one time sire a child, whose name appropriately was “What,” supposedly the first word out of the gynecologist’s mouth when the child, who resembled a tiny Itt, was delivered.

Itt could be the life of any party. My favorite episode depicted Gomez asking Cousin Itt what was under his great mop of hair.  Itt’s response was, “roots!”

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3 Comments on “Cousin Itt…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Not many people know this. But, Cousin Itt was played by professional Hollywood little person Felix Silla, He later gained greater fame wearing the prosthetic armor of Twiki, the ambiquod robot sidekick of actor Gil Gerard, on NBC’s BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25 CENTURY. With Twiki’s voice being supplied by the legendary Mel Blanc. Sadly, both men (Messrs. Silla and Blanc) are now in that Great Retirement Home-in-the-Sky. 😦


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