Dorothy and Alice…

Dorothy and Alice

— Ah, the stories, the wonderful fantastic tales that could be shared if Dorothy from “Oz” and Alice from “Wonderland” could sit down together, and compare notes on a pleasant summer afternoon!  I’d surely pull up a chair to listen in to that conversation!

Alice could open by relating how she followed a white rabbit with a watch who seemed much preoccupied with the time, while Dorothy could share an encounter with a cowardly lion. Alice might speak of meeting a hookah-smoking caterpillar, while Dorothy could regale us with descriptions of flying monkeys. There would be reports of animal abuse, too, such as Alice’s description of a croquet game with flamingos used as mallets, and Dorothy’s account of a green-hued witch threatening her small dog.

Some of the strangest furry encounters in literature have been described or related by children, or by those with child-like, open minds. Weird shit, indeed, and oddly compelling…

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4 Comments on “Dorothy and Alice…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Actually, there was a meeting between these two (I think). In the short-lived CAPT. CARROT AND THE AMAZING ZOO CREW from DC Comics. Seems they had to help prevent an invasion of Wonderland by evil witchy forces from Oz.

    All this, circa 1977.


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