Wheat Thins Yeti…

Yeti – – Thanks to the Super Bowl commercial for Wheat Thins, we now know what the Big Foot secret agenda is; they want to steal into our kitchens under cover of darkness, and abscond with our snack crackers!  The only defense against this tactic is to sit in the blackness ourselves with night vision goggles, and be prepared to grapple with them!  It’s the manly and right thing to do…

“Who’s gonna take your Wheat Thins?,” asks the wife of the snack cracker vigilante as he hunkers down to guard his treasure.  “I dunno,” responds the guy, “an intruder, the dog, Big Foot, Ted from next door,” he answers as the lights are put out on his request.  Momentarily the lights are restored, and we behold the lone defender with his arms locked around a Yeti, who is flailing about!  In the ensuing turmoil, dastardly Ted from next door darts in, and makes off with the Spicy Buffalo Wheat Thins!  Ted is an opportunistic predator…

The commercial is appealingly cheesy as the “Yeti” is obviously someone in a costume rather than a computer-generated masterpiece, an example of where less can be more…

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6 Comments on “Wheat Thins Yeti…”

  1. Mooselicker Says:

    Could be the real Yeti. Lots of actors go unseen in Hollywood. Who’s more elusive than the Yeti?


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