Absolut Greyhounds…

greyhounds – – If Skynet designed greyhounds, they would probably look something like these beauties; starkly striking robotic greyhound creatures who are racing for their lives in a Mad Max styled desert wasteland.  Both a music video and a commercial, the video features the music of electronic dance trio Swedish House Mafia, who appropriately perform their track, Greyhound, while electronically transformed in the video to robotic dogs who chase a floating orb.  Bizarrely costumed guests watch the greyhounds go through their paces while drinking Absolut cocktails served by a  waiter in a mask with animal styling.

It’s kind of a desert masquerade ball that is surreal and futuristic, with stunning detailed visual imagery and intense electro-house music.  Some have objected to the commercial, however, for its depiction of greyhound racing, an activity often described as animal cruelty…

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2 Comments on “Absolut Greyhounds…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I think it’s more cruel to make them drive buses.*

    *Let the hate-mail, commence!


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