Maxwell the Geico Pig’s Date…

Maxwell's date– – Maxwell the Geico pig continues to evolve; he doesn’t appear to exclaim “Wheee!” anymore, plays with electronics, and apparently can even drive a car.  He could use some coaching on relationships with the opposite sex, however, passing up an ideal lover’s lane opportunity with a girl who appears to be hot for his porky body.- -Maxwell, it would seem, is more of a techie than a lover!

In the latest Geico commercial featuring Maxwell, he is stranded in a broken-down convertible car with a rather comely lass, and appears to be fooling with his hand-held device.  “Did you just turn your ringer off so no one would interrupt us?,” questions the lady.  Maxwell responds that he just used his Geico app to summon a tow truck, his ears rising as he finally perceives that his date wants to “pass the time.”  Maxwell has an idea ready to pass the 30-minute waiting interval, and unfortunately it’s not the past-time that the lady apparently desires; no, for Maxwell immediately switches his hand-held to a rousing game of “Fruit Ninja!”  The look of disappointment (or whatever) on his date’s eyes is classic as Maxwell enthusiastically launches into the game…

Many questions go unanswered.  We are not told how Maxwell’s little legs can reach the car’s pedals, or how his cloven hooves can operate his device, for example…but at least we are spared the messy and probably distasteful details of human/pig relationships, something for which we all can be grateful…although I’m sure that some of our readership can relate to having dated real pigs!  Thankfully, no one can refer to Maxwell as a chauvinist pig…

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2 Comments on “Maxwell the Geico Pig’s Date…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    If they had “consummated,” like she wanted, I could only have hoped that she had been vaccinatede against swine flu. 😉


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