Getting Bugged…

– – Don’t the bugs seem to get bigger each year?  And there’s something marvelously surreal about going along in a big RV with a human-sized blue bug riding shotgun up front!  I could get into this scene…well, this is an ESPN RV marketing campaign commercial that features New Orleans rookie Anthony Davis traveling in the RV together with ESPN commentator Mike Breen and Hugo, the team mascot.  They are all very comfortable in one another’s company, a cozy group…thank heavens for cultural diversity!

The driving commentator is conversing with the big blue bug when, Thwack! – – A standard-size bug hits the windshield, leaving the predictable bug splat on it.  Thoughtfully, the commentator offers his condolences to the mascot, and then turns his attention to the problem of the bug smear.  The wipers are tried, which only smears the bug splat…then the washer fluid is resorted to, which makes the smear worse.  Needing to take care of business, the driver then advises the bug mascot that there are napkins in the glove compartment, and asks the big blue insect if he would reach out, and try and grab some of the big pieces of the bug remnants!  I think we’ve all been there, don’t you?

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4 Comments on “Getting Bugged…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Actually, the wiper/washer combo has always worked _fine_ for my bug-splat removal problems. It’s when the _birds_ drop their regards I have to get the whole thing professionally washed!


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