Volvo’s “Little Red”

– – I love considering the tale of Little Red Riding Hood from the wolf’s perspective, and now it would appear that in addition to cagey little girls and woodsmen with axes, the wolf also has to contend with red Volvos as well!  This commercial begins with a bright red Volvo S-60 R-Design driving down the road in a dark, scary forest!  The red Volvo’s standing in for Little Red Riding Hood, ‘ya see, and it’s moving right along to a version of “Little Red Riding Hood,” originally by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs…wasn’t that a great song?!- –Everybody sing!!!

– -Now I feel much better!  Anyhow, the car slams on its brakes because there in the road is a real wolf, unkindly called the Big Bad Wolf in the story.  The magnificent lupine begins growling and barking at the Volvo, which in turn revs its engine to “growl” back at the wolf.  Obviously not Courage Wolf, the wolf in this commercial backs away scared.  The father driving the Volvo then asks his young daughter riding in the back seat (clad in a red hooded cape, natch!) what a wolf says, she responds by howling, and they continue driving down the road!

<Sigh>…wolves never get a fair rap…if he had called for reinforcements, they could have taken that Volvo!- – And what are the Pharaohs doing these days, anyhow?!- –*Howl!*

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2 Comments on “Volvo’s “Little Red””

  1. carycomic Says:

    The “wolf” in the commercial was either a cosmetically-disguised Siberian husky, or a Saarloos wolf-dog (a Dutch breed derived from German shepherd/timber wolf hybrids). Because, pure-blooded lupines NEVER bark!


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