MiO “Cheetah” at “The Watering Hole!

– – A rhinoceros, a cheetah, and a gazelle walk into a bar…it sounds like a hokey joke, but it’s the theme for a Kraft MiO liquid water enhancer commercial!   Blending the line between live action and animation, the spot makes over wild animals into twenty-something dudes, inhabiting a bar appropriately called, The Watering Hole.  The Rhino is a solid, muscular guy with glasses wearing a tight T-shirt labeled (–What else?) “Animal.”  The Cheetah is a sleek speedster in a leather jacket who bewails the fact that MiO energy drinks are “completely crushing my game” by making everyone “…more energized, more alert” after mixing MiO into their water.  As a result, the Cheetah is no longer the fastest beast around!

“Remember when I used to be it?,” continues the Cheetah.  “I was the man.  If you needed to track a gazelle down for dinner, you came to me.”  At that point a jeans-jacket wearing Gazelle literally laughs in the Cheetah’s face!

It’s a great furry bar scene, a place where I’d certainly be at home!  Watch for a future spot to include a giraffe…

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4 Comments on “MiO “Cheetah” at “The Watering Hole!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    He could always become a spokes-animal for corn chips.


  2. carycomic Says:

    Or, is that “cheese puffs?”


  3. Yeah, I saw this commercial. I like it, but it tricked me into thinking it was an actual movie, so I checked, XD, the movie info, and saw it was just a commercial. XD.


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