Mentos UP2U Gum Commercial Tiger

 – – Since childhood, you’ve probably heard the rhyme, “eenie meenie minie moe, /catch a tiger by the toe,/ if he hollers, let him go,/ etc.- -Well, in this commercial we see that rhyme visualized when a mild-mannered office worker is using the eenie meenie method to determine which of the Mentos gum flavors to pick. 


Suddenly, a tiger pops up on cue with his toe caught in a trap!  The realistic tiger growls menacingly at the office nerd before asking engagingly, “Do I really need to holler?”  Both calm yet afraid, the guy shakes his head no, and likewise verbalizes in the negative…and what else could he say?!  In the background, another worker may be seen getting the h*** out.–Well done, Mentos!- –Don’t play “Hold That Tiger!”

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2 Comments on “Mentos UP2U Gum Commercial Tiger”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I believe that was Aubrey the Auburn Tiger making his acting debut.



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