Giant Robot Attack!

 – – I, for one, have always been concerned about my vulnerability to attacks by giant robots, and therefore am comforted that State Farm has me covered in this contingency. 

Perhaps inspired by rival Allstate’s Mayhem commercials, State Farm in its “State of Chaos” spot depicts some poor devil called Dwayne whose house is getting torn apart by a giant robot which bears a suspicious resemblance to “Atlas” from the video game,  Portal 2.   First his car gets decimated, followed by his house, and then Dwayne himself is plucked up in his Lay-Z-Boy!  His friends stand by and act like the spectacle is the coolest thing that they’ve ever seen.  And fear not, Dwayne is safely deposited in his easy chair atop a neighbor’s SUV…”Nice landing!,” comments one friend.

I’d consider being offed by a giant robot a suitable way to go, if aliens or legendary monsters were not available.  A great sequel to this commercial might match the robotic colossus against Allstate’s Mayhem guy in a death match…I’d buy a ticket to that!

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3 Comments on “Giant Robot Attack!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I wonder if they’d combine forces against the University of Farmers Insurance?


  2. carycomic Says:

    Just so long as the latter is not adapted from the former by Uwe “Der Toilet” Boll.


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