The Keyboard Cat!

 – – Cats on keyboards are nothing new with the original video coming from the early 1980’s, but this incarnation of Keyboard Cat, also known as Pistachio Cat, is awfully cute!  Wearing an oversized lime green T-shirt and playing a bouncy little number on the keyboard while promoting pistachio consumption, this cat is likely to win your heart.- -So what if the cat appears mad at times and is being controlled by human hands hidden under the baggy shirt?- -It’s no wonder that as it was sung in The Aristocats, “everybody wants to be a cat!”

By the way, the current Keyboard Cat’s name is Bento, and he is the creation of Charlie Schmidt…

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2 Comments on “The Keyboard Cat!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    He should form a trio with those rats from the other commercial. I can see it, now: “Live, from Foxwoods, for one night only… ‘ RED ‘ TABBY AND THE VERMINATORS!”


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