Obscure Cartoon Foxes…

 – – A character called Sly Fox appeared in a Warner Bros. cartoon produced in 1957 called Fox Terror.  Also appearing in this ‘toon and featured in it was Foghorn Leghorn, who thanks to Geico has been enjoying a bit of a renaissance lately.  Now Sly Fox was after some chickens for dinner, and sought to bypass the barnyard security system of Barnyard Dog by having Foghorn Leghorn distract and annoy the dog (–Foghorn annoying?–Now that’s a stretch!).  Anyhow, the fox never does get the chickens due to the interventions of a hyper little black rooster, and at the end Foghorn and the dog get wise to the fox, and run him out of the yard.  He’s shot, which fortunately is seldom fatal in the ‘toon world; the fox does dynamite both Foghorn and the dog, which has no long-term affects, either.

I love the way that Sly Fox is drawn, and you can see hints in the treatment of the figure of Wile E. Coyote.  Voiced by the great Mel Blanc, the fox wears several disguises and at times even sounds somewhat like Bugs Bunny.  One good lookin’ fox this, Sly regrettably only appeared in a single cartoon but should have been featured in his own show… 

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3 Comments on “Obscure Cartoon Foxes…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I seem to recall at least two other cartoons featuring him. One where he seduces a love-lorn hen (disguised as a rooster). And, another, where he douses himself with silver house paint in order to infiltrate a fur farm…and live the “pampered” life of a genuine silver fox!


  2. carycomic Says:

    For the overly-p.c. among your lurkers? Please, note that I used _sarcastic_ quote marks!


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