The Urban Woodsman from Honda’s “To Each Their Own”

 – – Well, actually it’s called “Date With a Woodsman,” and it concerns a bearded lumberjack picking up his date in his new Honda Civic hybrid.  As the girl is walking up to the car, he has to tell his pet fox to ride in the back seat so that the girl can ride in the front passenger seat!   We then follow the couple as they shop in a general store for hiking boots and outdoor gear before going to a river or lake.  Later, we see the fox poking his head out of the car window, apparently enjoying the ride.  Last of all, the fox is seen reposing on a rock in the background of the woods (shown) while his master(?) is making a rather impressive wood sculpture for his date.

While the woodsman appears a bit on the err, rugged side (birds nest in his beard, for cripes sake!),  anyone who has a fox for a companion is keeping good company…now I wanna see the fox driving the Civic!

(…tip o’ the pen to carycomic for alerting me to this commercial!)

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2 Comments on “The Urban Woodsman from Honda’s “To Each Their Own””

  1. carycomic Says:

    You are most welcome. 🙂


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