Foghorn Leghorn Does Geico!

– – Foghorn Leghorn is not the best known Looney Tunes character, but deserves a bit more attention.  He’s about to get it in one of the on-going Geico commercials, where it is posed whether Foghorn Leghorn would make a really bad book narrator…

The answer is, extremely! Foghorn is an anthropomorphic rooster with a Central Virginia accent and a “good ol’ boy” speaking style who is full of bluster, hot air, and himself.  He starred in 28 cartoons in the Golden Age of  American animation, first appearing in 1946.  We are shown the rooster narrating A Tale of Two Cities in his own inimitable way, offering much irritating commentary along the way.  So irritating is Foghorn that Henry the  Hawk, also present in the recording booth for the session, just can’t take it anymore, and picks up a bat to explain the situation to the extremely verbose rooster…it’s classic stuff!

Most of us know someone who is at least somewhat like Foghorn Leghorn, and have been tempted to deal with them in a similar fashion…just resist, because assault and battery is illegal!

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2 Comments on “Foghorn Leghorn Does Geico!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Ah, how well I remember those cartoons. Classic lines like Henry’s self-introduction: “I’m a chicken hawk. And, I’m gonna eat yas, chicken!”

    Or Foghorn’s critique on the figure of Old Widow Hen (a.k.a. “Prissy”): “She reminds me of the highway between Fort Worth and Dallas. No curves!”


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