– – Godzilla has been a presence on the movie monster scene since his first film appearance in 1954, surviving cheesy outings in rubber suits and the 1998 reinvention of the character for Sony which earned the disdain of long-time fans of the character.   Worse still, movies like Cloverfield and War of the Worlds (the remake) produced a greater shock and awe factor.  It seemed the glory days of the classic character were behind him…

But wait, there may be a dance in the old boy yet!   Wikipedia reports a greater number of searches under Godzilla in the aftermath of Japan’s tsunami and nuclear reactor problems.  Furthermore, Legendary Pictures has announced that they are ready to start developing a new movie based on the classic Toho Studios monster that will go back to the roots of the creature.  Hopefully ready for a 2012 release, the new film may reboot this classic cultural icon…just in time for the end of the Mayan calendar!

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2 Comments on “–Look!–Godzirra!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    How well I remember the Toho originals! My personal favorite is 1968’s DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, featuring the Kilaks (invasive female hotties from outer space who turn to be silicone-based shapeshifters).

    I just hope nobody ever does a remake of THE GIANT CLAW. Talk about cheesy special effects! The “giant space-bird with the anti-matter forcefield,” in that old b/w flick, looked like Ed Wood had ripped off Gerry and Sylvia Anderson!!


    • vulpesffb Says:

      I think I could have made a more convincing monster than that in my backyard!

      THE CRAWLING EYE is another good old bad movie of similar vintage!


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